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Free Credit Guide – Do you have a bad credit rating?

1 in 5 Australians have bad credit! Do you have a bad credit rating?

Ever wondered what a bad credit ratings means, and how this affects you? Or are you currently suffering from a bad credit rating, feel lost and don’t know where to turn?

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Welcome to Credit clean Australia, home of the leaders in bad credit repair solutions. Bad credit in Australia is an ever growing problem. The effects of it are dramatic and it has the power to leave you financially crippled. Having clean credit is not a maybe, it is a must. Clean credit Australia specialize in providing the knowledge of how to remove disputable, contestable negative listings from your credit file and for good. In Australia more than 5 million Australians have been blacklisted by no fault of their own and a survey by Choice several years ago stated up to 30% of credit files have errors. One of Australia’s largest Credit reporting agency Senior Managers says with 14.5 million credit files on their books, and 16,000 transactions a day, mistakes can happen and quite often it’s human error.
(Statistics stated by Channel 7).

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Would you like to Win a $500 Big W Gift Card? Would you like to Win a $500 Big W Gift Card?