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Free Sample of Northern Delights Inuit herbal tea

Grab your chance to get a FREE sample of Northern Delights Inuit herbal tea!

The Inuit ingenuity to thrive and adapt in one of the most challenging environments in the world is now part of our collective being and has been built on cultural values of observation, competency and connectedness.

One of their best is Blend #1, with Labrador Tea (Mamaittuqutik)
A calming yet spirited blend of bearberry, peppermint, and coltsfoot, the real secret to the deeply satisfying flavour of Northern Delights Blend #1 is hand picked Labrador tea herbs harvested from the tundra of Nunavik. The complexity of the finished Blend #1 is layered for perfect relaxation, rejuvenation and contemplation. Ingredients: Bearberry leaves (uva-ursi), peppermint leaves, Labrador tea leaves (Mamaittuqutik), licorice root, eucalyptus leaves, bitter fennel seeds, coltsfoot leaves, ginger root.

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Would you like to Win a $500 Big W Gift Card? Would you like to Win a $500 Big W Gift Card?