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We want to invite you for a FREE samples of Power Pellets fertiliser from Power Pellets!

Power Pellets are manufactured from entirely natural raw materials and contain absolutely no chemicals, no synthetic NPK boosters and no fillers. You will not be ingesting chemicals or eating animal manures when you use Power Pellets to fertilise the plants you eat. Think about it! Power Pellets fertiliser is Certified Organic by respected Certification body NASAA (Registration 4179M). This certification means that you can be confident there definitely are no chemicals in Power Pellets – more than can be said for many other so-called organic fertilisers. Power Pellets are easy to use. Simply sprinkle pellets on the soil surface – no need to dig in – it is that easy.

How do I claim my free Samples?

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Would you like to Win a $500 Big W Gift Card?

Would you like to Win a $500 Big W Gift Card? Would you like to Win a $500 Big W Gift Card?